De kantoren van het INBO zijn gesloten, maar onze medewerkers zijn bereikbaar op hun mobiel nummer.
De 17de "Characeen Tagung" die op 6-7 juni 2020 in Mol zou doorgaan, werd afgelast en verplaatst naar volgend jaar.

FutMon - Forest Monitoring for the Future

Forest condition monitoring focuses mainly on the dynamics of forest ecosystems and their relationship to air pollution and other environmental impact.

The institute concentrates on changes in vitality, tree growth, soil, vegetation,… and studies the link between these changes and the deposition of atmospheric pollutants.

The programme consists of three complementary research levels:

  • Level I: forest condition survey: visual assessment of the crown condition of forest trees in a 4 by 4 km grid
    • Crown condition
    • Soil condition
  • Level II: intensive monitoring of the forest ecosystem: study of processes responsible for ecological changes in the Flemish forests and Level III: monitoring of the deposition of gaseous pollutants and climatological circumstances in a pine forest ecosystem
    • Air
    • Water
    • Soil
    • Trees
    • Biodiversity

The research is part of different international programmes like the UN-International Cooperative Programme on the Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP-Forests) and the FutMon project under the EU LIFE+ Regulation.