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European Seabirds At Sea (ESAS) database migration

Unfortunately the abstract isn't available in English yet.


Type Paper/Powerpoint/Abstract
Category Research
Language Dutch

@book{1b6d124f-b261-4ca1-b39a-9a91a9f4ad05, title = "European Seabirds At Sea (ESAS) database migration", author = "Nicolas Vanermen and Peter Desmet and Ruben Fijn and Neil Holdsworth and Nele Markones and Anna Osypchuk and Carlos Pinto and Eric Stienen", year = "2022", doi = "", language = "Dutch", series = "", publisher = "", number = "", address = "Belgiƫ", }


Nicolas Vanermen
Peter Desmet
Ruben Fijn
Neil Holdsworth
Nele Markones
Anna Osypchuk
Carlos Pinto
Eric Stienen