Search the Flanders Red Lists

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In the table below you can search the Red Lists for Flanders:

  • in the boxes marked "+" you select the desired category.
  • You can also search for the scientific name  in free text. 
  • When you click on the title of a column, you sort on that column, either ascending or descending.
  • By clicking on the download icon under each selection you can download that selection in csv format.


Terms used:

  • Taxonomic group: official classification by species
  • Category in publication: category used in the scientific publication of a particular Red List, usually in Dutch
  • IUCN category: category to which the species belongs according to IUCN criteria
  • Criterion: Is the list structured according to unknown, regional or IUCN criteria?
  • Year: When was the Red List published?
  • Validated: Has the list been validated according to IUCN standards?
  • Minister approved: Has the list been officially published in the Belgisch Staatsblad / Moniteur Belge?
  • Publication reference: What publication did the Red List appear in?

You can also consult the Red Lists on GBIF: Validated red lists of FlandersNon-validated red list of Flanders