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Analytic Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory team analyses both water and solid samples and conducts genetic, phytopathological and in vitro analyses.
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Aquatic management

The Aquatic Management team conducts research into various aspects of the management of standing and running water.
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Library and Information Management

The Library and Information Management team ensures that researchers are provided with the sources they need – both digital and analogue.
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Biometrics, Methodology and QA

The Biometrics, Methodology and Quality Assurance team gives researchers guidance on how to monitor the state of biodiversity as cost-effectively as possible.
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Biotope Diversity

The Biotope Diversity team accumulates knowledge of and insight into the state and trends of habitats and other biotopes and vegetations, in support of an appropriate Natura 2000 biotope- and area-specific policy.
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Forest Ecology and Management

The team Forest Ecology and Management studies natural processes and interactions in forest ecosystems, and the effects of forest management hereupon.
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Commnication and Planning

The Communication and Planning team is responsible for: strategic planning, research coordination, stakeholder management, policy preparation, internal audit, in/external communication.
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Data management

The Data Management team provides technical support to (EV) INBO researchers for all data-related aspects, from acquisition, through processing to publishing.
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The Estuaries team conducts research and monitoring work in estuaries and their valleys to support ecological aspects of policy on these areas.
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Own Capital

The Own Capital Team provides administrative, financial and legal support to scientific, technical and support staff in the application, implementation and follow-up of externally funded projects.
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Wildlife management & invasive species

Wildlife management in relation to humans and biodiversity is central to the Wildlife Management & Invasive Species research group.
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Genetic diversity

The Genetic Diversity team studies genes to make recommendations on sustainable policies aimed at the optimal implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
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Landscape Ecology

The Landscape Ecology team investigates the functioning of ecosystems at the landscape level with a view to sustainable restoration and management.
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The Management team (MT) is INBO’s general management body. It is responsible for the overall direction and control of the organisation, and plays a facilitating and coaching role.
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Environment & climate

The Environment & Climate team studies the interaction between environmental characteristics and biodiversity in forest, valley and nature areas.
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Monitoring and Restoration of Aquatic Fauna

The Monitoring and Restoration of Aquatic Fauna team conducts policy-related scientific research on the monitoring and restoration of aquatic fauna, especially fish.
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Nature & Society

The Nature and Society team is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on the social aspects of nature, ecosystem services (ESSs) and conflict species in Flanders.
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Reporting & advice

The Unit Reporting & Advice is responsible for the publication of nature reports, coördination and development of biodiversity indicators, international reporting, the evaluation of policy and the coordination of incoming requests for advice and review of outgoing scientific output.
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Open science lab for biodiversity

The Open science lab for biodiversity offers technical support (mostly open data publication and software development) to researchers of projects in which it participates.
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Species diversity

The Species Diversity team researches population and species diversity so as to be able to evaluate the policy instruments aimed at long term species conservation.
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Freshwater Habitats

The Freshwater Habitats Team deals with biodiversity, ecological assessment, management and restoration of lentic and lotic habitats.
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