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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Aquatisch Beheer

Aquatic management

The Aquatic Management research group conducts research into various aspects of the management of standing and running water.
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Foto wetenschapondersteunende diensten

Scientific support

The scientific support team assists scientists with their research, methodologically as well as practically.
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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Biotoopmonitoring

Biotope Diversity

The Biotope Diversity research group monitors and investigates biodiversity mainly at biotope level, focusing on both terrestrial and aquatic biotopes and paying special attention to Natura 2000 habitats.
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Foto bij stafdienst

Staff service

The Staff service is responsible for: strategic planning, research coordination, stakeholder management, policy preparation, internal audit, internal and external communication.
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Foto van onderzoekers in estuarium


The Aquatic, Wetland and Estuarine Ecosystem Diversity research group evaluates whether set environmental objectives have actually been achieved and provides an assessment framework for reviewing relevant policies.
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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Faunabeheer

Wildlife management

Wildlife Management in relation to humans and biodiversity is central to the Wildlife Management research group.
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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Genenbronnen Bosbouw

Forest genetic resources

The research team Forest genetic resources focuses its research on the adaptability of trees and shrubs to a changing climate.
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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Genetische Diversiteit

Genetic diversity

Genetic research at INBO has an important focus on the implementation of genetic criteria into the Habitats Directive and on environmental DNA as a biodiversity detection technique.
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Meettoren Brasschaat (foto INBO)

Environment & climate

The Environment & Climate research group studies the interaction between environmental characteristics and biodiversity in forest, valley and nature areas.
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beeld Natuur & Maatschappij

Nature & society

The Nature & society research group focuses on the social aspects of nature, ecosystem services (ESSs) and conflict species in Flanders.
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foto van documenten en rapporten

Reporting & advice

The Unit Reporting & Advice is responsible for the publication of nature reports, coördination and development of biodiversity indicators, international reporting, the evaluation of policy and the coordination of incoming requests for advice and review of outgoing scientific output.
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Foto Onderzoeksgroep Soortendiversiteit

Species diversity

The Species Diversity team researches population and species diversity so as to be able to evaluate the policy instruments aimed at long term species conservation.
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beeld bij zoetwaterhabitats

Freshwater habitats

Het team Zoetwaterhabitats onderzoekt de biodiversiteit en omgevingskenmerken van stilstaande en stromende wateren buiten de getijdeninvloed. Daarbij komen zowel de huidige toestand als veranderingen in de tijd - van lokaal tot regionaal niveau - in een brede beleidscontext aan bod.
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