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Society is increasingly experiencing the impact of the ongoing loss of biological diversity. The UN Global Biodiversity Assessment acknowledges biodiversity to be Earth's natural life support system. If we want to preserve biodiversity and its contributions to human society for the next generations, we need not only to look forward but also to act now.
photo of small black-backed gull

It is known that fish can contain high concentrations of harmful substances, and that higher organisms such as birds can absorb them via the food chain. Together with a number of Flemish and international partners, INBO investigated whether the presence of mercury (Hg) in fish has an influence on the breeding success of small black-backed gulls.

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photo test setup

Based on the need to monitor vegetation more quantitatively, INBO developed a new method based on distance measurements. For species that grow close to a sufficient number of point locations scattered over the site, the horizontal distance between the point locations and the nearest part of the plants growing in their vicinity (e. g. up to 1 m) will be measured. The new method provides more information than existing monitoring techniques and may also be used to verify, for example, remote-sensing data. It also allows you to pick up changes in abundance faster.