New ALTER-Net policy brief available

The 2017 ALTER-Net conference on "Nature & Society: synergies, conflicts and trade-offs" resulted in a policy brief.

The ALTER-Net community calls on European policymakers to:

  • facilitate a European-level process between all directorates-general in order to fully integrate ecological concerns and opportunities as the starting point of new initiatives into all policy areas,rather than adding an environmental link at the last minute. In doing so, use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a holistic and integrative framework;
  • fully integrate the ecosystems approach in all policy sectors;
  • systematically adopt an integrated stakeholder approach to co-develop and co-implement policy at the interface between nature and society;
  • increase funding for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary environmental research to enlarge the knowledge base, ensuring that policy decisions and societal choices are based on broadly gathered evidence;
  • ensure that relational values of nature are taken into account in addition to capital values when implementing policy measures such as nature offsetting or compensation.