Dec 19 Workshop on IAS Management of European Concern

A few months ago, experts performed assessments of the management feasibility for a set of species and we thank them for their contributions to this the collaborative effort. On December 19th, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, the Département d’Etude du Milieu Naturel et Agricole (Service Public de Wallonie - DEMNA), the Research Institute for Nature and Forest  (INBO)  and the National Scientific Secretariat on Invasive Alien Species jointly organize a workshop building on the results of your assessments. The workshop will bring together field managers and species specialists. The purpose of this day is to gather the opinions of managers on the objectives and management strategies to be put in place in support of the implementation in Belgium of the European Regulation on invasive alien species.

During the workshop, we will present the results of the exercise and discuss the feasibility of the selected management options together. The different opinions expressed during the workshop will be taken into account by the competent authorities in Belgium during the decision-making process concerning the management of invasive alien species of Union concern in Belgium.

The workshop will take place in Brussels, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, no. 15 1210 Brussel (Hendrik Conscience building, just a stone's throw from Brussels-North station). It is totally free and open to all interested experts and managers. Presentations will be held in Dutch and French with simultaneous translation. Register before December 10 via this form. The number of places is limited.


09.30 Onthaal met koffie en gebak - Accueil avec café et viennoiserie

10.00 Verwelkoming - Mot de bienvenue (Maurice Hoffmann, Administrateur Generaal - Administrateur général INBO)

10.10 Word from the European Commission (Myriam Dumortier)

Plenaire sessie - Session Plénière (10.15-12.15)

De nood aan beheerstrategieën voor Unielijst exoten - Nécessité de stratégies de gestion pour les espèces exotiques envahissantes préoccupantes pour l'Union (20min) (Dido Gosse, Jane Reniers & Bram D’hondt)

De haalbaarheidsoefening voor beheer van Unielijst exoten - L'exercice de faisabilité de la gestion des espèces exotiques envahissantes préoccupantes pour l’Union (20min) (Tim Adriaens & Sonia Vanderhoeven)

Q&A (5 min)

Case studies beheer Unielijst soorten - Des cas de gestion d’EEE (11.00-12.00)

Community of practice work in France (E. Sarat) (15 min)

Practicalities thematic group sessions (5 min)

Thematische groepssessie - Ateliers thématiques (11.20-12.45)

  • Waterplanten - Plantes aquatiques (room Marie & Pierre Curie)
    -- facilitation Etienne Branquart 

  • Terrestrische vertebraten - Vertébrés terrestres (room Marie & Pierre Curie) 
    -- facilitation Tim Adriaens

  • Terrestrische planten - Plantes terrestres (room Nietzsche)
    -- facilitation Sonia Vanderhoeven
  • Waterdieren - Animaux aquatiques (room Avicenna)
    -- facilitation Dido Gosse/Jane Reniers


12.45-13.45 Lunch

Thematische groepssessie - Ateliers thématiques (13.45-15.00)

  • Waterplanten - Plantes aquatiques (room Marie & Pierre Curie) - moderator Etienne Branquart
  • Terrestrische planten - Plantes terrestres (room Nietzsche) - moderator Sonia Vanderhoeven


15.00-15.20 Koffiepauze - Pause café

15.20-15.40 Next steps + closure - what is going to happen with the input provided (Etienne Branquart)