Biodiversity Indicators 2017 Flanders (B) are available

We are pleased to inform you that our new regional report ‘Biodiversity Indicators 2017' (Flanders - Belgium) is published and available for download from the INBO website.

This  annual report provides a summary of the status of the indicators concerning the European Biodiversity Strategy targets.

  • For Target 1, the conclusions at the Flemish level are in line with the EU Mid Term Review. For example, a small number of habitats and species of the Habitat Directive are improving slightly, but the majority are still in an unfavorable conservation status. The pace of improvement is too slow to achieve the 2020 targets.
  • As there is no clear definition of green infrastructure or a good description of a' degraded ecosystem’, Target 2 is difficult to evaluate at the moment. The next nature report (NARA-S) in Flanders is working on a definition of green infrastructure based on a participatory process with policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Conclusions about Targets 3 through 5 are similar to the ones mentioned in the Mid Term Review.


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