11-14/12/2017 Ecology Across Borders

1,500 ecologists from around 60 countries gather in Ghent, Belgium 11-14 December for the British Ecological Society’s joint* annual meeting ‘Ecology across Borders’.

With around 600 talks and 550 posters presented over four days, delegates will showcase and discuss the latest advances in ecological research across the whole discipline. Highlights include:

  • Climate change and evolution – new insights into how plants and animals in cities are adapting more rapidly to climate change and how urban environments can be used to study contemporary evolution
  • The first quantitative estimates and forecasts of changes in coral cover in unmonitored parts of the Great Barrier Reef due to coral bleaching, disease, cyclones and outbreaks of venomous starfish
  • A number of citizen science studies, including a project where secondary school students use camera traps to monitor mammals in the UK, and a 150-year data set of ant populations and distributions drawn together from museum collections and public initiatives in Denmark
  • A review of the challenges and opportunities for UK agricultural policy after Brexit
  • New technologies to monitor human exploitation of natural resources in a forest inhabited by declining jaguar and puma populations, and a model to predict and prevent attacks on humans and livestock solely based on previous tiger sightings


*This year’s conference is organised in association with the Gesellschaft für Ökologie (the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Nederlands-Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ecologie (Dutch-Flemish ecological society), and European Ecological Federation.