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The Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) is a scientific institute of the Flemish Government in Belgium. Read more...

You will find all information concerning our research and our facilities on these pages. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices or any member of our personnel for more details.

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How will the environment and nature evolve in Flanders over the coming decades? What impact could policy have? The Environment Outlook and Nature Outlook 2030 describe numerous developments that could happen in the future in certain conditions. So these are not predictions.

The Environment Outlook 2030 describes the developments in the economic sectors, the consequences of these for the pressure on the environment and the quality of the environment. The Nature Outlook 2030 focuses on the consequences of environmental quality and the land use to biodiversity.

The indicator atlas is the collection of the spatially detailed results of the Environment and Nature Outlook 2030. In addition many results are not detailed as regards space but are available via the other links on this website. This atlas includes maps, map animations, graphs and descriptions.

The Environment Outlook and the Nature Outlook 2030 evaluate a reference scenario on the one hand, which continued the present policy unchanged until 2030. On the other hand they also evaluate one or more alternative scenarios that aim at the European targets for environment and nature.

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Ecological Restoration in Flanders (Belgium)

Flanders is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. Consequently its natural environment has been, and still is, under large pressure. After a short introduction on the legal framework for ecological restoration of nature areas in Flanders, some of the most important Flemish restoration projects, both successes and failures, are presented in this book.

The book can be ordered by following this link and pressing the 'bestellen' button (= order button) or by calling Irina De Landtsheer at +32 2 558 18 11 or sending her an e-mail.

Identification of Stakeholders and Evaluation of PES-like instruments in Flanders (ISEP)

ISEP is a research project commissioned by the Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB) and aiming at identifying  which existing financial instruments currently support ecosystem service providers. A sub-goal is to develop a guideline to identify stakeholders using an ecosystem service approach. More...

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